Saturday, November 2, 2013


What a joy to peek out the window each day & see the way the leaves reflect the seasons! As fall is before us - we are seeing the COLORS changing at the marketplace! The palette of... TANGERINE + ICY BLUE is one that we are falling for!  

So, update your home & bring a new look to your room design this season! A pair of ikat pillows & abstract artwork can change your room in a instant! And, if your walls are drab... consider, a lively floral print to add a little life!

Image L via House of Turquoise
The fall fashions this season are so fun, fresh, & colorful! This past week we got inspired by the NEW jewelry, clothing, & scarves that have been popping up at the marketplace & decided to do a little photo shoot!  The pairing of tangerine, black & gold won us over! HOW GREAT IS THIS JACKET? AND, THE GOLD FLECKS ON THIS NECKLACE? If your looking for that perfect something for your night out... then come on in & find it in our clothing boutique!

Our ever-growing list of NC artists & their original works continue to amaze us! Many breathtaking landscapes & bold abstracts have filled the walls of the marketplace over the last few weeks. We think that ART is a perfect inspiration for your room design! And, the color palette within the piece can pull your design together! We look forward to welcoming a few new artists to our family next month! Keep an eye out for them...

Image L via Pinterest
The details of your home are what make it feel lived in & inviting! What is a better way to add detail to your upholstery & character your your family room... than pillows?!? And, the great news is we just got in a new shipment, custom designed by Judy Brown. Don't you love these GEOMETRIC prints?

So, whether you are adding the finishing touches to your home as the holidays approach or just wanting to spice up your look then come visit us & be inspired!
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Friday, October 4, 2013


We find ourselves surrounded daily by an array of different COLOR PALETTES at the marketplace! Lately, shades of blue... COBALT in particular... has been popping up everywhere! How fabulous is this design that was featured on Bungalow Blue Interiors? Don't you love how the COBALT makes such a statement against the citrine trellis wallcovering? Be inspired by shades of blue & let your home become a canvas to complete!

It's incredible to see the talented NC artwork that comes into the marketplace weekly! We are so thrilled that NC artist, Christina Dowdy, joined the Cotswold Marketplace family earlier in the year. Her joyful spirit is so nice to have in the store. She has quite a gift for adding detail to her subject matter, ranging from landscapes & seascapes to nudes & still lifes! Be sure to stop by Christina's lovely gallery wall in the marketplace - we assure you won't be disappointed. We continue to intrigued by her unique framing that sets her artwork apart!

Our clothing boutique "Pieces," has transitioned from summer to fall & we are loving all the cozy scarves & light weight sweaters that will be perfect for your wardrobe over the next few months. So, SPLURGE ON YOURSELF... it's okay once in awhile! Stop by & pick up that perfect top for your evening out with friends & that special candle scent that makes your house feel more like home! And, if you want to go with COBALT packaging... then the Volcano scent is a great choice & it looks pretty on your counter!

So, whether you are freshening up for the upcoming fall holidays with family or just wanting to be inspired to create a new look for your home... we hope you will come visit soon!  Consider, BEAUTY IN BLUE  as a direction to take if you need one! We certainly love it! 

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Saturday, August 31, 2013


We are thrilled to welcome... Erin Milling Design! Erin is an incredibly talented stationary designer who will start having studio hours this fall at the marketplace! Come GET CREATIVE with her on all your stationary needs! She offers a wide range of products from vintage stationary, to wedding baby announcements.

SNEEK PEEK into the heart of the artist... 

"The opening of my own studio emerged from a love of design, an appreciation of all that is beautiful and a passion for things custom and handmade.  After several years of experience working for two stationery boutiques in New Orleans, I opened my studio and embarked on a crusade to bring the envelope back...along with the notes and invitations inside...

There is a moment that happens every day, that makes us feel like we might be lucky.  This moment happens just before opening the mailbox, hoping and wishing for an envelope just for us. The anticipation of something unexpected, something special, makes us just a little giddy.

This is the moment I want to help create for everyone.  I want to bring beautifully crafted letters, notes, invitations - that sense of excitement that something special might be waiting - to mailboxes everywhere." - Erin Milling

We are loving Erin's UNIQUE TOUCH on each of her designs! You will be inspired as you give her an idea & she brings it to life! Be sure to stop in & meet her in person in her studio! Looking forward to having her creative energy at the marketplace.

Erin's studio hours are starting this COMING WEEK!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We can't believe that tomorrow marks the first day of August... wow, the days of summer have flown by! It's been nice to have the marketplace full of folks all summer long! Things have been a flurry the last few weeks as vendors have returned from market with NEW GOODIES.

With our expansion earlier in the year, the marketplace has grown & we currently house quite a variety of CUSTOM ORDER ITEMS! We are eager to hi-light a few of these wonderful vendors & what they offer! So... come create with us if you haven't already!

First up: "Karen Keffer Collection" | Featuring Bedding, Vintage Monograms, & Wallpaper

Our vendor Karen Keffer Collection offers a unique variety of items if you are looking to add the extra special touch to your room design! Her collection features custom bedding available in a variety of styles & color options!  Our talented vendor has an extensive resource library of vintage monograms that can add a fresh look to your bedding as well! If you are looking for wallpaper... you will find it in this vignette too!

Second Up: "Best Seat" | Featuring Custom Upholstery

Looking for a single club chair or even interested in upholstery for your family room & living room? Then "Best Seat" is a great option! The upholstery line offers a variety of styles (traditional & contemporary, ) sizes, & options. You can pick from the upholstery fabrics available through our vendor or you can provide your own fabric as well. If you have questions about our upholstery - be sure to stop in & we are happy to help!  The above image features a custom made ottoman through "Best Seat" that had tufting, nailheads, & casters added!

Third Up: "BMP Interiors" | Featuring Lighting & Lampshades 
                     "Judy Brown Designs" | Featuring Custom Pillows 

Our vendor, BMP Interiors, has expanded this year & offers quite the selection of lighting & lampshades!  Recently, they have introduced a mix & match program which allows you to pick a base & a shade for specific lamp styles. BMP Interiors has a variety of gourd lamps that can be custom ordered in various colors. We have been thrilled to have our lighting options for customers expand! Lastly,  if you are in need of custom pillows be sure to ask us about the services of our pillow guru, Judy Brown! She is delightful & she takes custom orders through the marketplace these days! 

With all of these design options available we hope to see you soon! 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013


If you are anything like us gals at Cotswold Marketplace... then you're most likely a fan of a day in the sun & sweet relaxation on the coast! Why not bring a little of "the beach" into your room design? The cool colors & serene feel of a COASTAL CHIC palette can create a charming look for your home!


One of our vendors, The Pretty Perch, recently brought in this beautiful cream linen sofa! We are loving the lines & tufting on this piece. Allow, your upholstery to make a statement by adding pillows with pizazz! Our pillow guru, Judy Brown, is at it again keeping up the the latest prints & patterns... how great is the layering of the ivory + teal geometric fabric paired with the aztec design?

Image R via Pinterest

If you aren't soaking up the sun at the coast - THEN LET YOUR HOME BE THE ESCAPE that reminds you of the place you love! If you are headed out on the town with your girlfriends or a date night with your hubby... how about white jeans & teal silk top paired with these beautiful baubles? And, if you are wanting to freshen up your dated sunroom then cover your walls with a charming paper design like the one featured above!

We are big fans of allowing artwork to serve as FOCAL POINT in your room design! And, this original abstract by the incredibly talented NC artist, Carol Bodiford, perfectly captures the COLORS of the coast. Carol is known for her breathtaking landscapes - but, the coastal abstracts she has brought into the marketplace lately truly tell a story & can certainly bring LIFE TO YOUR WALLS!


So, we encourage you to fill your home & your life with the serenity & charm of the coast! We hope you will visit soon & leave the marketplace feeling refreshed, inspired, & coastal chic! 

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Friday, May 31, 2013


Well, tomorrow marks the first day of June... to more sun - filled days,  yummy fresh fruits & color infused skies! One of our favorite things here at the marketplace is seeing all the LIFE that comes with the VIBRANT HUES of summer!  So, today we bring you a fabulous color combo... without further ado, the best of: teal + tangerine! 

Doesn't this original artwork tell the perfect story of your daughter on the beach? The warm citrus hues of tangerine & orange nicely compliment the coastal tones of teal & aqua. This work would be a wonderful focal point for a beach home or lake house! 

Image R via House Beautiful
When designing your home don't be afraid to SPLURGE ON THE DETAILS! We continue to be big fans of wallpaper... and, if want to make a room pop then pick a color palette you love & go with it! The room design featured above makes a statement by being intentional with the placement of two bold colors. The punch of TANGERINE on the ivory bed linens is a great accent alongside the TEAL wallpaper! 

If you are wanting to pull together the finishing touches in your room... then bring in patterns & prints on your accessory pieces! Add a little twist to your traditional by pairing a tangerine monogram with a teal & ivory chevron frame. Nothing like a FRESH LOOK TO HEAD INTO SUMMER!

New goodies are finding there way into the marketplace daily... 
And, we hope you come visit soon as well!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hello, summer & sunshine! Finally... the months of bright light & warm weather have made their way to the Carolinas - and, we are excited to welcome them. Nothing like keeping the door open at the marketplace! It is the perfect time to SPICE UP your home, FRESHEN UP your colors, & ENTERTAIN YOUR FRIENDS for an evening of delicious goodies on the grill!

Image R via Phoebe Howard

We love the idea of incorporating BOLD STYLE into your home! Vibrant hues of yellow, lime, & coral are the perfect color combination. They certainly will spruce up your look for summer! The talented, Phoebe Howard, designed an inviting living room (above) by creating a focal point with abstract art.  A little tip: pull the bright colors from your artwork into a your room design with accessories & accents! Check out how the designer did just that by adding lime gourd lamps & a punch of yellow on the club chairs.

If you are in the market for some incredible artwork... then be sure to stop in & see the original pieces by, NC artist, Trip Park! We continue to be amazed as his unique & playful style continues to emerge. You can add bold COLOR to your home with art! The piece by Trip featured above is perfect for your breakfast nook or kitchen. Don't these pears have such personality? Who wouldn't want to grab a cup of coffee & have this friendly pair greet you each morning? 

Image L via Pinterest

If you are one of the lucky ones... that spends your summer on the coast or lake then be inspired by this family room design! Fresh white paint on the walls & ivory linen upholstery is the perfect base for adding bright accent pillows, drapes, & artwork. Have you considered a geometric accent rug in your adjoining room? We have a wonderful selection of indoor & outdoor area rugs available at the marketplace through our vendors, Mary Jane Shoppes & Liora Manne Home.

So, with the summer at our fingertips... be sure to enjoy your home & all the accents that add to it's character!  Pull the vibrant hues of the sun, lovely blossoming flowers, & fresh cut grass into your home's color palette! Everything is feeling CHEERFUL at the marketplace... visit us soon!

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