Monday, April 30, 2012


And, it continues... the phenomenon of FASHION influencing HOME DECOR & vice versa! 
You will continue to see color trends & textures carried from the runway to the living room.
And, patterns & textiles implemented from pillow designs to hip dresses.  

Design gives you the choice to tell a story - a story about yourself, your life, & your own personal taste.  Let your home, style, & fashion choices REFLECT YOU!

Do you LOVE traditional interiors - but, really want to bring in a fresh look? A unique vintage  monogram is a great way to add a twist to a dated euro sham or shower curtain. And, don't hesitate to display your favorite classic pearls or cuff on your dresser... jewelry displays can become pieces of art (just check out the picture above!)

The classic trellis is a perfect choice if you are wanting to adorn your walls! It definitely gives the impression of traditional with a twist. And, trellis patterns do stand the test of "wallpaper time!"
We are loving this TRELLIS (see below picture) that incorporates a traditional pattern with a unexpected pop of color!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012


It is possible to LIVEN UP your home for spring without a complete interior overhaul...
isn't that good news?  Here are some tips to help you add a little punch to your decor!

TIP No. 1 - If you have neutral upholstery pieces (i.e. sofa, loveseat, or chairs) you can swap out your throw pillows during different seasons.  A pair of hip teal & ivory zebra pillows can really add some sassy for the spring months!

TIP No. 2 - Colorful lamps are IN STYLE! Never fear... you will love them in your home!
A teal blown glass lamp is a great addition to any side table.

TIP No. 3 - If you are wanting to create a cheerful atmosphere - choose a bright color palette for your accent pieces! By adding POPS OF COLOR with artwork & accessories your home will feel friendly & fun for your family & guests to enjoy!

TIP No. 4 - Who said adorning your walls is no longer in... have you seen the amazing designs that are adding such a twist to room decor these days? If you have a small foyer & really want to add drama choose a wallpaper that says, "HELLO, WELCOME HOME!" We are loving the over-scale geometric, trellis, & greek key patterns at the marketplace.

STAY TUNED for more trends & tips from Cotswold Marketplace! Hope to see you again soon...

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