Saturday, August 31, 2013


We are thrilled to welcome... Erin Milling Design! Erin is an incredibly talented stationary designer who will start having studio hours this fall at the marketplace! Come GET CREATIVE with her on all your stationary needs! She offers a wide range of products from vintage stationary, to wedding baby announcements.

SNEEK PEEK into the heart of the artist... 

"The opening of my own studio emerged from a love of design, an appreciation of all that is beautiful and a passion for things custom and handmade.  After several years of experience working for two stationery boutiques in New Orleans, I opened my studio and embarked on a crusade to bring the envelope back...along with the notes and invitations inside...

There is a moment that happens every day, that makes us feel like we might be lucky.  This moment happens just before opening the mailbox, hoping and wishing for an envelope just for us. The anticipation of something unexpected, something special, makes us just a little giddy.

This is the moment I want to help create for everyone.  I want to bring beautifully crafted letters, notes, invitations - that sense of excitement that something special might be waiting - to mailboxes everywhere." - Erin Milling

We are loving Erin's UNIQUE TOUCH on each of her designs! You will be inspired as you give her an idea & she brings it to life! Be sure to stop in & meet her in person in her studio! Looking forward to having her creative energy at the marketplace.

Erin's studio hours are starting this COMING WEEK!

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