Monday, December 31, 2012


We can't help but be excited about the NEW YEAR & the Spring 2013 Color Forecast! With these delightful colors headed to the marketplace... surely, you can add a fun twist to your home & your wardrobe!  So, take a peak at the full COLOR forecast for Spring 2013... 

 Image R via  My Personal Artist

 It's always amazing to watch as our vendors fill the marketplace with LOVELY finds that beautifully compliment the trends of each season.  We are loving this chevron dress in navy & cream. Check it out in our new clothing vignette, Pieces!   And, if your are wanting to add a pop of color to your outfit... bedazzle yourself with a sweet kiss + gold necklace. 

Image L via Stylesight

Be on the lookout for your favorite GEOMETRIC PRINTS in the New Year! We have already begun to see such colorful textiles headed into the marketplace. If you want to add a twist to your traditional Southern style, consider pairing a hounds tooth upholstered chair with a vibrant geometric!

The original artwork arriving at the marketplace continues to inspire us! Each of our artists are uniquely gifted in their ability to use color, texture, & various mediums! They never fail to bring life to any blank canvas... in this piece, the rich hues of navy & plum brings personality to the trees.

With the New Year headed this way, be open to fresh ideas, a new look & updates that will make you fall in love with your home all over again! Your interior style can be both bold & beautiful.... but, most importantly let it be a space that you & your family can enjoy. 

 Image R via Blonde Episodes Image L via Domino Magazine

Thanks to all of our truly talented vendors, our kind customers & your precious kiddos for making the marketplace a place of joy, design, inspiration, conversation, & creativity! It's been a wonderful 2012. And, we look forward to all that 2013 will bring! Cheers to you & your family in this upcoming  NEW YEAR...

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Thursday, December 27, 2012


With December coming to an end, it seems 2013 is right around the corner... but, you shouldn't just enjoy your home when you have family coming for a visit...  let your STYLE SHINE ALL YEAR!
It's been exciting to catch a glimpse into some of the NEW COLORS & TRENDS that will come along with a new season & a new year.  Here is a sneak peak of a few colors to expect in 2013! 

Image R via Elle Decor

These icy jewel tones certainly create an elegant & chic look. How lovely is the overscale greek key patterned rug in rose pink + pearl? It might just be the special touch your living room needs. It is possible to add color even if you prefer lighter palette!

Once in awhile we find something that pops up at the marketplace that we can't seem to take our eyes off of! For the last week, a few of us (mostly me) have been obsessing over this pair of geometric cut velvet pillows! Aren't they FABULOUS? If you are a lover of all of things coral + icy teal... these may need to find their way into your home! And, a unique pair like these can update your look in an instant...

And, so the story goes on... interior & fashion trends crossing over! We love seeing the GEOMETRIC patterns on pillows flowing over onto the prints on dresses. If you want to add a special touch to your outfit... pair a geo patterned dress with a STONE necklace in indigo or violet!

With each detail you add to your home it should become more of a reflection of who you are & what your personal taste it! So, explore your style & add things that "SHINE" your true character. If you have young kids & want to add some funky color with artwork, consider large abstract floral prints! If you love to entertain your friends... why not spice up your dining room with a shimmery wallpaper?

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday with your family & loved ones... we look forward to seeing you soon or in the New Year!

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Friday, November 30, 2012


The marketplace has been a buzz with the SOUNDS OF THE SEASON! We love experiencing the joy of our customers as they shop for those they love. And, we're glad to continue featuring a few more of Cotswold's Favorite Things... surely, you might find something for everyone on your list!

Looking for a  gift for your lovely daughter? A clutch, by Dareen Hakim, a fabulous decision.
DAREEN HAKIM | DESIGN STYLE:   Sumptuous leathers, arabesque calligraphy, dramatic hues – all form the basis of style behind each of pieces in their collection.

A contrast of old & new influence Dareen Hakim's designs ... which adds to the mix of authenticity & modern elegance you see in each lovely piece.  So, style your daughter's winter wardrobe with a clutch that you know she will love! 

Photo via Dareen Hakim
Looking for the artist or designer in your family?  Why not, a unique fur pillow!
FUR PILLOW | STYLE: We are loving the funky & hip twist that fur pillows can add to a side chair or sofa. And, they can glam up a room... the perfect gift for that creative someone you know. 

How fabulous are the fur details in this living room? 
They certainly cozy up the space... and, create a fresh & funky look.

Photo via Material Girls
Looking for your best friend ?  Perfume or candles, by Royal Apothic, yummy scents!
ROYAL APOTHIC | THE PHILOSOPHY: "The fragrances give one a simple way to bring luxury into the home,” S.I. Omara explains, “You can change the mood of a space completely by simply lighting a Royal Apothic Luminarie or spraying some of the Interior Perfume."

Not only are Royal Apothic's scents lovely to smell - but, their packaging defines the product!  
We simply love the perfume bottle... who wouldn't feel beautiful with a splash of Holland Park on?

 Photo via Frazier Museum
Be sure to stay tuned as we bring to you more of COTSWOLD'S FAVORITE THINGS! See you at the marketplace. We are excited to keep celebrating this great season of giving with each of you!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


To ring in the holiday this year... we will be featuring COTSWOLD'S FAVORITE THINGS! This Season of Giving we bring to you -  a helpful gift guide! And, whether your shopping for your mom, a best friend, or that wonderful hostess... let us share with you some of our fave ideas that can be found in the marketplace!

Looking for a lovely gift for your best friend? Calm, by Lollia, a perfect choice.
CALM NO. 21 | FRAGRANCE DETAILS: Serene meadows of blooming Hyacinth, earthen rooted Vetiver and fresh cut Iris, cooled by setting Citrus sunlight and delicate floral waters.

The Calm Collection,  by Lollia, is just one of the many delightful scents carried by Cotswold Marketplace. The rich ingredients & oils blended by Lollia comfort & soothe your skin. And, the beneficial hydrating extracts of aloe & shea butter lightly moisturize leaving skin deliciously fresh!

Image Via Lollia
Looking for that amazing hostess? You can't go wrong with J. WOOD ceramics.
J. WOOD STUDIO CERAMICS | DETAILS: Known for their luscious colors, simple shapes, & inspired by their southern surroundings, they produce one-of-a kind pieces that are sought after by collectors. 

Consider a few of these chic pieces for your favorite hostess! Oh, how lovely they look on their table & how well they will feature their yummy dishes. These beautiful pieces can stand alone or they can be paired with a variety of color combos. One of the many reasons J. Wood Studio Ceramics is among our faves this season of giving! 

Image Via Justina Blakeney
Looking for your precious mom or sister? " Angels In Our Midst" is a must!
ANGELS IN OUR MIDST | THE BOOK: "Angels In Our Midst" is a beautiful coffee table book about Anne H. Neilson’s Angel Series & the stories behind the paintings.  Sprinkled throughout the book are devotions, inspirational words, & the incredible works of the NC artist.

As an artist, Anne uses her God-given talent to support those in need.  “I feel blessed to have been able to help others by donating a large portion of my sales to a number of outstanding organizations & causes, particularly those addressing the needs of homelessness & children with disabilities.” - Anne H. Neilson

Image Via Carolina Art Soiree
 We are excited to celebrate this great season of giving with each of you! Be sure to stay tuned as we bring to you more of COTSWOLD'S FAVORITE THINGS! See you at the marketplace.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We can't think of a better day of the year than Halloween to have an ORANGE: COLOR CRUSH! The various hues of the leaves & the yummy taste of a pumpkin spice latte inspire us to bring orange inside our homes.  And, if you are a fan of tufted sofas - this lovely focal point can bring LIFE to any dull living room!


When you are looking for ways to incorporate details into your home - monograms are a great option! At the marketplace, you can find endless options of vintage monogram styles to adorn your bedding, shower curtain, or tea towels. This beauty is part of the Karen Keffer Baucom Collection - and, it happens to be one of our faves in BRIGHT ORANGE

ANIMAL PRINT is being seen everywhere in the design world! So, say yes to it. How fabulous is this color combo of ORANGE + MOCHA? From an upholstered orange & white zebra ottoman to decorative zebra match boxes - this print always adds such a unique twist.  

North Carolina artist, Pirrie Bingham, recently added this original piece to her gallery wall in the marketplace. The WARM HUES of bronze & orange pop right off her canvas. This work is a delightful choice if you are wanting to add glitz & drama to a neutral wall in your home.  Come see it in person...

Enjoy today with your family & kids. And, be inspired or have a crush on the ORANGE all around you.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the marketplace!
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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Make sure you stop by & join us at the marketplace this weekend, Oct 12th & 13th for our 2012 FALL CLASSIC! Our vendors have been sprucing up their spaces with the latest fall design ideas. If you are looking for inspiration for your home before the holidays... then it would be a great time to visit the store!
And, you definitely don't want to miss A CHANCE TO WIN A $100 GIFT CARD to the marketplace! Bring in a copy of the ad for the Fall Classic with you to be entered into the drawing. 

This artwork by North Carolina artist, Janine Medlin, certainly captures the beauty & color that surrounds us as we transition into the fall & winter seasons. The hues of tangerine, icy slate, & sage pop off this canvas! To view more of Janine's incredible pieces - visit her gallery wall at Cotswold Marketplace.


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Sunday, September 30, 2012


FALL is a great season for making changes that can INSTANTLY UPDATE your home or decor! At the marketplace - we still are still loving CHEVRON these days. And, we think anchoring your room design with a chevron rug is a wonderful way to add a fresh look! Or, if you want an updated look & are not a fan of chevron - consider, a bold tone on tone or geometric design
Image L via Decor Pad
With an endless array of originals coming into the store weekly - we think artwork is one best choices for adding color & a special touch to your home. If you are in need of COLOR or DRAMA on neutral walls then go for an abstract piece. Overscale artwork can truly update a whole room! 
Check out the incredible color palette shown in this original by Laura Park, a North Carolina artist, whose work is on display at the marketplace.
If you want to make your house feel more warm & inviting... then be sure to incorporate elements this season that will allow you & your guests to COZY UP! Always have things you LOVE in your home... like great coffee table books for reading, throw blankets to snuggle in,  & your favorite scent burning. We think it is possible for your home to be lovely & lived in. 
 Image via Decor Pad
And, if you are just wanting a NEW LOOK for the season... then considering finding some inspiration (a unique fabric perhaps) and, change up your color scheme with new throw pillows.  This rich lavender & stone honeycomb pattern is a winner for the fall.  Be sure to not miss the growing Fabric & Wallcovering Resource Library available at the marketplace!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012


We continue to be excited about the PANTONE COLORS for FALL 2012! 
And, so without further ado... we will HI-LIGHT a few! It seems tone on tone GEOMETRIC upholstery & TRELLIS designs are showing up at the marketplace daily.  
If you are a fan of pattern & want to incorporate a bit of color into your room design... 
then select a bright color, like chartreuse, to add a splash of whimsy!
As you can see, two of the Pantone colors featured above are French Roast + Bright Chartreuse! They are a lovely compliment to each other! *Tip - Choose darker tones (like French Roast) on upholstery or area rugs (helps hide dirt, gives you grace if you have a big family, little kiddos, or lots of guests & a lot of spills!)
ARTWORK is one of the best ways to pull together your design! We love this painting by 
North Carolina artist, Pam Anderson. Not only does it happen to showcase four Pantone colors (bright chartreuse, titanium, french roast, & honey gold...) but, her birdies have such character. Wonder what they are saying? So, when selecting artwork - find a look that 
reflects your own style & perhaps your own personality!
When you are hoping to achieve a certain "LOOK" in your home you should find accessories, artwork, or colors that you love! If you are a fan of pillows & want to accent your neutral upholstery then a pop of lime or bright chartreuse is perfect!
Image on L via Decor Pad. Image on R via Lucas Allen

We want to leave you with some INSPIRATION
Just look at how fresh fall can look when you select tones of ivory & french roast for your wallpaper!  Are you a risk taker in your home design?
 If you are, paint your interior doors bright chartreuse...

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Friday, August 31, 2012


As we near the end of summer, we fondly welcome a season of crisp air & vibrant changes in color! It's always a delight to see Pantone trends making there way into Cotswold Marketplace! From the runway to your living room- here are some LIVELY colors to expect this FALL! 

Aren't you loving this color forecast? Rich color mixed with variations of icy pastels! 
Simply irresistible... if you ask us.  We are finding this beautiful palette across the store! 

 Splashes of PINK FLAMBE & HONEY GOLD are excellent accent colors for your home & accessories this fall! The pattern in this pillow makes it the perfect compliment for a neutral chair.  

You interested in livening up a dated family room? 
Add a little spice to your decor with a HONEY GOLD garden stool!

And, as Tangerine Tango made it's bold appearance at the first of the year...
 it still remains a hot color choice for Fall 2012! 
CHECK OUT some of the unique ways it is being used in the marketplace.

This dynamic piece of artwork speaks for itself! 

We are almost certain it contains every Pantone color for Fall 2012!
So, if you are loving vibrant colors & wanting to spice up your home... be sure to come & visit us! 

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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Join us at Cotswold Marketplace:
Monday, August 27th & Celebrate the 1st Day of School

Don't miss this incredible event... most everything in the store is 15% OFF! 

 Start the new school year right by taking advantage of these incredible savings

We have vendors across the store that have marked down everything 
from lighting to decorative throw pillows... jewelry to artwork!

 __ __ __ __ __ __ 

And, the day will be full of goodies & giveaways
Get your name in the drawing for a chance to win $100 gift cards to the marketplace!  

We will be open our regular hours from: 10:00 to 5:00!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Looking for ways to select the RIGHT COLOR PALETTE FOR YOUR HOME? 
Here a few things to consider! 

Tip No. 1 : INSPIRATION is key when selecting the right color palette for your home! If you know how to create color flow throughout your home it will help you pull together your overall DESIGN for a more harmonious look.

Tip No. 2: Use the colors of your design accents— artwork, draperies, area rugs, upholstery, & throw pillows—to help colors flow from room to room.  If you prefer a more neutral COLOR PALETTE then selecting softer tones for your accessory pieces helps to create a beautiful blend of style.  

Tip No. 3: Artwork is a fabulous way to pull together the color palette throughout an interior. And, often times one of your favorite pieces of art will be the main INSPIRATION behind the selection of color for your home. Brightening your walls with artwork is always a great choice! 

Tip No. 4: Once you have found your inspiration for your home's COLOR PALETTE- begin to pay attention to the details in your spaces that will help ENHANCE the overall look! Let your wall color showcase your furniture and accents & vice versa! If you want to make your upholstery pop - you can select furniture with CANE BACK DETAIL or have NAILHEAD TRIM added to your furniture.  


Keep dropping by for more design tips & inspiration from Cotswold Marketplace!
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Monday, July 23, 2012


Any idea how many times you've been asked, "What's your favorite color?" Honestly, I have no clue! And, I can't say I have a favorite color... as an artist, I appreciate endless palette options! However, when is comes to Interior Design, selecting a series of COLORS for your home might seem daunting to a homeowner.

More times than not folks get caught using too much color & that can take away from the overall design! A simple palette is a great place to start... choose a NEUTRAL (they go with everything) & then choose a color you love. This will help add a FRESH LOOK to your room decor!

Gray would be considered a NEUTRAL - so, I would suggest mixing it with a pop of lemon! Color can be added through lighting, accessories, pillows, & artwork!  A gray &  ivory horizontal striped shade is a FUNKY lighting choice that compliments most colors.

Sometimes folks steer away from neutrals because they feel that they don't add anything to your design! But, they ABSOLUTELY DO! Neutrals are a perfect way to add DETAIL. Check out how a monochrome palette can be used (above.) The charcoal & ivory color selection for the wallpaper really accentuates the trellis pattern. And, the neutral colors used in the diamond upholstery surely can add a hip touch to a dull room DESIGN

A monochrome color PALETTE allows for many options when it comes to artwork. The incredible works of North Carolina artist, Carol Bodiford, blend beautifully with more neutral color palettes. Carol's attention to detail allow her paintings to come to life. Her BRUSHSTROKES depict serenity at it's finest! When you want to feature a piece of art in your home - select a neutral wall color so the art really makes a statement! 

From accents to color - neutrals don't make a room dull! Check out this incredible monochrome starburst mirror design. The raw wood & metallic silver combo make it one of a kind.  When you are going with a neutral palette - style your home with UNEXPECTED FINDS & you will love it! 

Be sure to stop by Cotswold Marketplace for more ideas & inspiration! Let us know you are enjoying what you see by liking us on Facebook & following us on Twitter!