Monday, July 23, 2012


Any idea how many times you've been asked, "What's your favorite color?" Honestly, I have no clue! And, I can't say I have a favorite color... as an artist, I appreciate endless palette options! However, when is comes to Interior Design, selecting a series of COLORS for your home might seem daunting to a homeowner.

More times than not folks get caught using too much color & that can take away from the overall design! A simple palette is a great place to start... choose a NEUTRAL (they go with everything) & then choose a color you love. This will help add a FRESH LOOK to your room decor!

Gray would be considered a NEUTRAL - so, I would suggest mixing it with a pop of lemon! Color can be added through lighting, accessories, pillows, & artwork!  A gray &  ivory horizontal striped shade is a FUNKY lighting choice that compliments most colors.

Sometimes folks steer away from neutrals because they feel that they don't add anything to your design! But, they ABSOLUTELY DO! Neutrals are a perfect way to add DETAIL. Check out how a monochrome palette can be used (above.) The charcoal & ivory color selection for the wallpaper really accentuates the trellis pattern. And, the neutral colors used in the diamond upholstery surely can add a hip touch to a dull room DESIGN

A monochrome color PALETTE allows for many options when it comes to artwork. The incredible works of North Carolina artist, Carol Bodiford, blend beautifully with more neutral color palettes. Carol's attention to detail allow her paintings to come to life. Her BRUSHSTROKES depict serenity at it's finest! When you want to feature a piece of art in your home - select a neutral wall color so the art really makes a statement! 

From accents to color - neutrals don't make a room dull! Check out this incredible monochrome starburst mirror design. The raw wood & metallic silver combo make it one of a kind.  When you are going with a neutral palette - style your home with UNEXPECTED FINDS & you will love it! 

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