Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School Cool

Be at the top of the class 
with the "COOLEST" accessories for your home's interior. 

                          FABULOUS ottoman designs!                   UNIQUE ACCESSORIES...

Incredible ABSTRACT ART! Add a POP OF COLOR to your walls. 

Artist: Jennifer Levine

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Natural Beauty

"She's just a natural beauty." 

 Natural beauty is rare.  The object or person needs little or no enhancement. 

Some of the most unexpected design treasures that you walk in and find in someone's house are inspired by or found in nature; wonderfully perfect in their natural state.  Rooms that have a touch of "organic" offer a sense of coziness and charm.  The untouched beauty of the lines of a driftwood lamp and the charming blue of a piece of coral say everything that needs to be said about the atmosphere of the room without saying too much.  We found that these rooms had touches of "natural beauty" and added a bit of interest to the overall aesthetic appeal.


We found these "natural beauties" at Cotswold Marketplace:

Carved Teak Pot, $125.00

Sponge Cup, $125.00, Horn Bowl $35.00

Coral Lamps, $330.00/pair

Horn Frames, starting at $42.50

Shell Votive, $36.00

Driftwood Bowl, $325.00

Driftwood Side Table, $675.00

Framed Seafan, $150.00

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Red, White, and Boom!


4th of July is almost here.  Do you know what that means?  Booms, blasts, and explosions of color in the air.  Massive, sparkling fireworks illuminating the night sky.  Reds, blues, greens, pinks, silver, and gold.  The enchanting display of colors cannot only be found in the sky this year during the 4th of July, but also it is popping up in our homes.

We know that bringing color back into our homes is the "in" thing to do now.  It seems that we can hardly miss the fact the color is everywhere.  It is splashed across the covers of all magazines, whether it be for design or fashion. But how you use color, well, that is up to you.  Some people like just a small, unexpected punch of it--just enough to spice up a neutral palette.  While others want color to erupt and overflow from every possible corner.  Whether it be small inserts or walloping punches of color, 
this is a trend you cannot deny. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ahh... It's Good To Be Home

Summer is here--heat and all.  But that also means VACATIONS.  Our time to escape the day to day routine, kick off your shoes, and relaaaaaaaax.  F i n a l l y !  While we have a blast being away from home, you have to admit that there is no place like home.  After a week or more away, it is nice to walk in the door to plop on your sofa and sleep in your own bed at night.  But what is it exactly that makes our homes a HOME?  It is our personal touches and collected, favorite items that fill our rooms that create and define home for each one of us.  We could not resist putting together a list of our must-have items that are found in our homes.

For an Inviting, Comfy Home

Scrumptious and Soft Sheets Dressing Your Bed,
Traditions Organic Cotton Ruffle Sheets

Lush Micro-Cotton Bath Towels, $30.00 each

A Collection of Anything is a Must,
Mercury Glass, starting at $45.00

Your Favorite Scent to Fill a Room,
Low Country Spanish Moss Candle, $35.00 & $52.00

 Frames Filled with Familiar Faces, Bone Frames, $40.00 & $52.00

Feminine Linen Guest Towels, $55.00

Friday, May 13, 2011



M A Y   S A L E





10:00 - 5:00


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Palm Beach Invades Charlotte: Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade. 

That is exactly what Lilly Pulitzer did in 1959.  While her husband was busy tending to his family's orange groves, Lilly, a newly wed and also new to Palm Beach, started a juice stand.  Soon, Pulitzer's clothes had become stained from the juices, but instead of viewing them as ruined, she saw them as color inspiration.  Lilly took the inspiration and ran with it, designing a line of brightly colored dresses.  The line's fresh look resonated with people across the country and quickly became a trend in the most notable resort towns.  And as you know, the rest is history.  Lilly Pulitzer® can be found in stores throughout the States and has evolved into a household name. 

Lilly Pulitzer® has now taken the brand to the next level, finding a home in our home, not just in our closets.  Lilly Pulitzer Home® is a new collection that includes furniture from beds to coffee tables and desks, from dining room tables and chairs to settees and sofas. 

Collection now available exclusively through
L a u r a  P a r k  I n t e r i o r s
at Cotswold Marketplace

Monday, May 2, 2011

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

When Dorothy awoke after a tornado tore through her home, she realized she and Toto were not in Kansas anymore.  But for a lot of people in the South, they did not wake up to a magical land filled with witches, talking tin men, walking scarecrows, and singing lions.  Unfortunately, people found ruin and destruction with every turn of a corner.  Now, thousands of people have to start the rebuilding process.  It is a shame to have to start afresh when not by personal choice, but due to the choice of Mother Nature...

Of course, it got me thinking...  Where do you start the rebuilding process?  How do you even know where to begin when so much of what you know how been destroyed?  Does an event that is as destructive as the tornadoes were, leave such a scar that you pick up and start somewhere new, free of all memories of what you lost?  Do you try to recreate the home and community to be what is was before, as you remember it?  Or do you start from scratch, leaving behind the memories of the familiar, and push towards something new and fresh?  How do we even begin to put ourselves in the shoes of the people who are struggling with these questions... 

Out thoughts are with all of those affected by the devastating tornadoes.  Your ruby slippers are your strength and courage.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Royals

The largely anticipated royal wedding is just weeks away.  The whole world will be watching as Prince William and Kate Middleton exchange their vows.  Girls of all ages will daydream of what it must be like to be in Kate's shoes...marrying a prince and becoming part of the royal family.  Sigh.  Kate must be on cloud nine... practicing her new signature, trying to wrap her mind around the title "Princess." And if it were me, I would be excited about my new royal monogram--thoughts of what I could put it on would fill my head.

Monograms have been around for centuries and the origins traced back to royalty and the wealthy.  The earliest forms of monograms were found to be used used as a form of currency, and also helped to identify valuable property of royalty.  Thus evolving into a means of recognition for personal goods, such as armor and weaponry, ladies handkerchiefs, and table linens. 

In past centuries, young girls used to spend hours stitching their monograms onto napkins and other treasures to put in their hope chests for them to pull out once they got married.  But instead of stitching the now traditional three-letter monogram, they would only stitch two letters since they did not know their future husband's name yet.  Now we are starting to see the antique two-letter monograms reappear in the monogramming world. 

Monograms and embroidery, whether they be for the royal couple or just for us normal folks, are a wonderful way to put a personal touch on everyday items.  An easy way to dress up bed linens is with a striking monogram in the center of a duvet or an embroidered greek key along the flange of soft sheets.  A set of monogrammed towels makes for a divine wedding gift.  Even snugly spa robes are just the much more inviting to get into with a monogram on them.

So as we get our fill of the royal nuptials, treat yourself to a little bit of queenly indulgence with a monogrammed bit of bliss.  We are fortunate enough to have two monogram stores at Cotswold Marketplace, Letter Perfect Monogram and The Art of Stitch.  Letter Perfect Monogram offers the traditional monograms, while The Art of Stitch offers a more custom take on monograms.  You are sure to find a bit of luxury to take home with you or give as a gift.



Saturday, April 2, 2011

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution took place during the 18th and 19th centuries, starting within the textiles industry.  The utilization of powered machinery and production lines emerged as prominent pieces of manufacturing.  Functionality became king and forever changed the face of industry and society. 

Now, we have seen a type of Industrial Revolution take place within the design world.  It started in Europe more than 10 years ago, with sprinklings of the industrial influence emerging in urban areas.  The limited space in Eurpean city flats meant that furniture needed to be purposeful, useful.  Sure enough, though the trend started as a necessity for the practical, the trend caught on and is now a clearly defined segment in design. 

After our monstrous change in the economic climate of our world, I believe, our way of thinking has changed.  This factor alone has had an influence on our current design state and has caused a renewed interest in the industrial elements.  The utilitarianism of this movement has also struck a cord with many designers and can be seen in many homes.  We want our pieces of furniture to be practical, as well as serving a purpose from an aesthetic stand point.  And in that sense, we our facing our own sort of industrial revolution.

I will leave you with this final thought... The English architect William Morris wrote that you shouldn’t have anything in your home that is not functional or beautiful.

New Shipment: Kristen Cone Interiors

Coffee Table with Metal Base $425.00

Reclaimed Wood Top with Metal Base $550.00

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sparkle for Spring

Who says sparkle and glitz is just for the holidays?  Why not have a little SPARKLE during the spring?  I think that the fashion legend and icon Elizabeth Taylor would agree.  After all what looks better with a great white shirt, your favorite pair of jeans, and strappy sandals than a necklace encrusted with RHINESTONES and PEARLS?  Instant outfit.  Now if it was just that easy all the time.  It seems lately that everywhere I shop has fabulous jewelry-Cotswold Marketplace included.  The hard part is deciding what the must-haves for this season are that you cannot live without!

Rhinestone and Pearl Necklace $95
Rhinestone Quatrafoil Necklace $35

Turquoise Beaded Earrings $25

Pink Stone Bracelet $35
Set of Wire Bracelets $20

Turquoise Necklace $125
Gold & Turquoise Earrings $22
Rhinestone Drop Earrings $20