Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Red, White, and Boom!


4th of July is almost here.  Do you know what that means?  Booms, blasts, and explosions of color in the air.  Massive, sparkling fireworks illuminating the night sky.  Reds, blues, greens, pinks, silver, and gold.  The enchanting display of colors cannot only be found in the sky this year during the 4th of July, but also it is popping up in our homes.

We know that bringing color back into our homes is the "in" thing to do now.  It seems that we can hardly miss the fact the color is everywhere.  It is splashed across the covers of all magazines, whether it be for design or fashion. But how you use color, well, that is up to you.  Some people like just a small, unexpected punch of it--just enough to spice up a neutral palette.  While others want color to erupt and overflow from every possible corner.  Whether it be small inserts or walloping punches of color, 
this is a trend you cannot deny. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ahh... It's Good To Be Home

Summer is here--heat and all.  But that also means VACATIONS.  Our time to escape the day to day routine, kick off your shoes, and relaaaaaaaax.  F i n a l l y !  While we have a blast being away from home, you have to admit that there is no place like home.  After a week or more away, it is nice to walk in the door to plop on your sofa and sleep in your own bed at night.  But what is it exactly that makes our homes a HOME?  It is our personal touches and collected, favorite items that fill our rooms that create and define home for each one of us.  We could not resist putting together a list of our must-have items that are found in our homes.

For an Inviting, Comfy Home

Scrumptious and Soft Sheets Dressing Your Bed,
Traditions Organic Cotton Ruffle Sheets

Lush Micro-Cotton Bath Towels, $30.00 each

A Collection of Anything is a Must,
Mercury Glass, starting at $45.00

Your Favorite Scent to Fill a Room,
Low Country Spanish Moss Candle, $35.00 & $52.00

 Frames Filled with Familiar Faces, Bone Frames, $40.00 & $52.00

Feminine Linen Guest Towels, $55.00