Saturday, July 16, 2011

Natural Beauty

"She's just a natural beauty." 

 Natural beauty is rare.  The object or person needs little or no enhancement. 

Some of the most unexpected design treasures that you walk in and find in someone's house are inspired by or found in nature; wonderfully perfect in their natural state.  Rooms that have a touch of "organic" offer a sense of coziness and charm.  The untouched beauty of the lines of a driftwood lamp and the charming blue of a piece of coral say everything that needs to be said about the atmosphere of the room without saying too much.  We found that these rooms had touches of "natural beauty" and added a bit of interest to the overall aesthetic appeal.


We found these "natural beauties" at Cotswold Marketplace:

Carved Teak Pot, $125.00

Sponge Cup, $125.00, Horn Bowl $35.00

Coral Lamps, $330.00/pair

Horn Frames, starting at $42.50

Shell Votive, $36.00

Driftwood Bowl, $325.00

Driftwood Side Table, $675.00

Framed Seafan, $150.00