Saturday, April 14, 2012


It is possible to LIVEN UP your home for spring without a complete interior overhaul...
isn't that good news?  Here are some tips to help you add a little punch to your decor!

TIP No. 1 - If you have neutral upholstery pieces (i.e. sofa, loveseat, or chairs) you can swap out your throw pillows during different seasons.  A pair of hip teal & ivory zebra pillows can really add some sassy for the spring months!

TIP No. 2 - Colorful lamps are IN STYLE! Never fear... you will love them in your home!
A teal blown glass lamp is a great addition to any side table.

TIP No. 3 - If you are wanting to create a cheerful atmosphere - choose a bright color palette for your accent pieces! By adding POPS OF COLOR with artwork & accessories your home will feel friendly & fun for your family & guests to enjoy!

TIP No. 4 - Who said adorning your walls is no longer in... have you seen the amazing designs that are adding such a twist to room decor these days? If you have a small foyer & really want to add drama choose a wallpaper that says, "HELLO, WELCOME HOME!" We are loving the over-scale geometric, trellis, & greek key patterns at the marketplace.

STAY TUNED for more trends & tips from Cotswold Marketplace! Hope to see you again soon...

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