Friday, October 15, 2010

Does Your Hall Reflect the Fall?

Designer Peter Marino says "One piece of furniture or art is all you really need to make a room come alive". What better time than the beginning of fall to infuse some life and color through artwork into your home. Cotswold Marketplace is fast becoming the new Charlotte hot spot to find amazing artwork by local artists.

The amzing yellow orange glow from this painting contrasts beautifully with the midnight blue sofa, creating a focal point in this space. (from Elle Decor)

Notice the way this artwork completely sets the tone for this space as a playful and "colofilled" retreat. You can't help but be happy as the gorgeous hues jump off the white walls. (from Elle Decor)

Don't forget the frames! These simple black frames against the pumpkin spice walls really make these botanicals pop! (from Southern Accents)

"Art can change the temperature of a room" Portland Monthly Magazine

We encourage you to come into Cotswold Marketplace and add some fall spaice to your favorite spaces.

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