Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need Design Help?


An in-house design service at Cotswold Marketplace offered by Charlotte designers, Angie Persson and Merrin Lowe, along with local artisan, William Perez.

We often hear customers ask if any of us gals who work at the Marketplace are designers, and unfortunately, we are not, though we all share a PASSION for design.  But now, with this dynamic trio providing hourly design help and room design packages, we can say, "We are not designers, but we know just the people you need to talk to."  Persson and Lowe's design background and work experience, coupled with their distinct visions for rooms, have transformed countless clients' homes.  Perez has the ability to breathe new life to dull pieces of furniture and create masterpieces with the stroke of a brush.  Come take a peek at their studio and see what all the buzz is about.   

We think that these three friends have a HIT on their hands.

Swell Decor's studio is located in Cotswold Marketplace.  Call 704.365.3331 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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