Thursday, January 17, 2013


We love seeing Pantone's 2013 SPRING GREENS making their way to the marketplace! This lovely trio can add the vibrant touch to your home's design. Could they be more FRESH + FABULOUS?
Image via Pantone

What type of mood are you wanting to create in your home?
  • Emerald: this lovely, radiant green brings sophistication and classiness
  • Grayed Jade: this subtle, hushed green with a gray undertone brings about a mood of quiet reflection
  • Tender Shoots: this vibrant, invigorating, active, and cheerful yellow-green is like the first sign of Spring
Image R via Eastern Accents

WE PERSONALLY LOVE THE COMBO OF TENDER SHOOTS + GRAYED JADE! Eastern Accents did an incredible job of featuring this color combo at the High Point Market!  Go with greens this Spring & give your home the fresh look it deserves!

Art is always a wonderful place to start when looking for inspiration! Not only does it bring life to your walls - but, it can be a FOCAL POINT that pulls your room's overall design together.  Love that the "tender shoots" green is popping out through the background of this abstract piece! Come see the incredible layering of colors in person at the marketplace. 

We are THRILLED that our vintage monogram collection by Karen Keffer Baucom continues to grow! The intricacy of each of her custom designs inspire us & we eagerly await to see more. If you are looking for the perfect details to add to your home - a unique monogram & a designer wallcovering is the perfect combo!

With our vendors fresh back from market - their vignettes spaces are being replenished daily!
If you haven't stopped by in 2013 - be sure to! Changes continue to emerge...  

And, we are very excited to welcome more NC artists to our family, to see our boutique clothing space, "Pieces" grow,  & to have a new custom upholstery line launching this month!

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