Sunday, March 31, 2013


The marketplace continues to blossom & grow... much like Spring & we are very thankful for that! WE LOVE to watch as spaces are updated & vendors continue to bring in more exclusive options for customers to update their homes! Recently, our custom wallpaper & monogramming vignette space has expanded. Yippee! IT'S PERFECT FOR CREATING & DREAMING UP THE IDEAL DESIGNS FOR YOUR HOME!

Your home is the place to express yourself & to create a friendly environment for your family! Wallpaper is making an incredible COLOR SPLASH these days with all the bright & cheerful patterns to choose from. Have you considered adorning your walls with a statement paper or spicing up your linens with a fresh monogram design?

Wallpaper & vintage inspired monogram designs are a great way to liven your home! And, don't be afraid to choose a bright color palette! Seems us Southern folks have quite the thing for monograms... so, if your looking to steer clear of an expected design... then come visit us & be surprised at our unique selection of styles!

We delight in seeing our customers bedding, shower curtains, & linens come to life! Adding a monogram personalizes your design & sets it apart. At the marketplace our styles range from traditional to modern & can be customized to fit to your taste! 

So, if your wanting to update your home then... COME CREATE WITH US! You are welcome to bring in your already existing pillows, shams, shower curtain, etc. Isn't that fabulous? We can add an exclusive monogram design to what you already have!  Just stop in & we can assist you.

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