Monday, March 21, 2011

Flower Power

With this perfect spring weather rolling into the Charlotte area, how can you not catch spring fever? 
I was fortunate enough to spend this past Thursday sprawled out on a blanket with my husband and pup at Freedom Park soaking up the sun and beautiful blue skies.  Everything is fresh and green...  The flowers are blooming bright, vibrant colors...  And the sky is CAROLINA BLUE! But the flowers...!  I cannot get over the flowers this time of the year!  The pale pinks contrasted against kelly green leaves.  Sunny yellows of tulips and daffodils sprinkling landscapes with cheerfulness.  I cannot help but see the color of flowers everywhere I look.  As I flip through magazines and read my favorite blogs, there it is...
See if the color is as contagious as I seem to think it is.



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