Thursday, March 17, 2011

Headboards, Sofas, and Chairs... Oh My!

Mod wingback chairs,
EMW Designs


This is a quintessential must-have for all living areas of a home. 

The hard part is choosing what direction you want to go in and the tone you want to set for the room. 

The sofa and chairs in family rooms are the invitations for you to come sit down, snuggle in.  But do you keep your upholstery subdued and neutral, bringing in your COLOR through your pillows, drapes, and walls?  Or do you make a statement with a striking Ikat fabric on your headboard in your bedroom thus following up with crisp, white bed linens?  All tough questions, and yet, an even harder decision seeing as though most of us view upholstery as a long term investment. 

 In the mean time, as you settle on your look and decide on your fabrics, find some inspiration with us!

Velvet tufted sofa, House Beautiful
Linen tufted slipper chair,
Karen Keffer Collections

English arm greek key sofa,
Laura Park Interiors

Floral slubby chair,
Mary Jane Shoppes

Upholstered headboard, House Beautiful

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